Trong giờ anh lớp 8, ta chạm chán thường xuyên các mệnh đề với "so,such, too, enough". Nội dung bài viết dưới đây sẽ giúp chúng ta hiểu rõ rộng các cấu trúc này và bên dưới là một vài bài tập áp dụng.

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*S+ V+ adj/ adv+ enough+ to+ V duy trì nguyênVd: He is old enough khổng lồ understand that. He didn"t run fast enough to catch the robber.*S+ V+ too+ adj/ adv+( for sb)+ to lớn V giữ nguyênVd: It was too hot to go out.*S+ V+ such+ + (a/an)+ adj+ danh từ + that+ S+ VVd: It was such a big house that we could stay in.*S+ V+ so+ adj/adv + that + S + VVD: The house is so big that we could stay in.*Lưu ý: Trong cấu tạo so, such that …, ta lưu giữ từ "it"; còn trong cấu tạo too...to, not … enough… to, ta quăng quật từ "it"Ngoài ra còn tồn tại các cấu tạo khác cùng với so cùng suchS+ V+ so+ many/ few+ Danh từ bỏ đếm được số nhiều + that + S+ VS+ V+ so+ much/ little + Danh từ ko đếm được+ that + S+ VS+ V+ so + adj+ a/ an+ danh từ+ that + S+ VVd: It was so big a house that all of us can stay inBài 1: Viết lại những câu sau theo nghĩa tương đương, bắt đầu bằng những từ gợi ý sau đây.
1.Jennie is too complicated for me khổng lồ understand.=> Jennie is so2. The wall is so high that I can"t reach it.=> The wall is too3. She is too young lớn understand the problem.=> She is not4. The movie was very interesting. I couldn"t turn it off.=> The movie was so=> It was such5. This exercise was too difficult for me lớn finish.=> This exercise was not6. The rain was heavy. We had to cancel the meeting.=> The rain was so7. It was such an interesting book that I have read it three times.=> The book was so8. Tony is a good player. He can play in every team.=> Tony is such9. He drives in such a careless way that nobody wants khổng lồ go with him. => He drives so10. We couldn"t talk because the music was so loud.=> It was such11. The food was so hot that I couldn"t eat it.=> It was such12. The handwriting is very bad that I couldn"t read it.=> It is 13. I can"t make a cake because I haven"t got many eggs. ( enough)=> 14. She ran too slowly khổng lồ win the race.=> She didn"t15. They were such boring films. I fell asleep in the middle. => The films were so16. The house isn"t big enough for us lớn live in.=> The house is too17. I can"t understand him. He speaks too fast. ( that)=> 18. My quái thú was so kind. He paid for the meal. ( enough)=>19. The weather was beautiful. We stayed out all day.=> It was such20. My mother is so wise that people often ask her for advice.=> My mother is such21. Helen isn"t short. She can wear that long dress. ( enough)=> 22. Arthur is too busy to finish his work.=> Arthur is so23. My uncle was so late that he can"t catch the last train.24. The sea was so beautiful that we took a lot of photos.=> It was such25.

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The bản đồ is so old that I couldn"t read it.=> The map is tooBài 2: lựa chọn đáp án thích hợp nhất điền vào địa điểm trống.
1.There was __ much noise last night that I couldn"t sleep.suchsoa sucha so2. The story was ___ sad that I couldn"t help crying.sosuchenoughtoo3. He was ____ strong swimmer that he beat everyone in the semi-final.sosuchso asuch a4. Jack is ____ a naughty boy.sosuchverytoo5. It was ___ a nice day that we decided khổng lồ go lớn the beach.sotooenoughsuch6. This room is ___ dark for us khổng lồ study.enoughtoososuch7. These are ____ that I can"t finish them.a such long assignmentssuch long assignmentssuch a long assignmentstoo long assignments8. It is ___ that I have read it twice.such an interesting bookso interesting a booktoo interesting a bookA và B are correct9. He ____ I was scared.drove too fast thatdrove so fastly thatdrove so fast thatdrove such fast that10. It is ____ lớn go swimming.too coldso coldsuch a coldenough cold11. Jane is ___ to vày this exercise no intelligence enoughnot enough intelligentso intelligent enoughnot intelligent enough12. We don"t ___ to lớn buy that dress.have money enoughhave enough moneyhave too moneyhave such money13. The soup was ___ hot for me to eat.sosuchtooenough14. Mr. Gates is ____ that he owns many buildings and apartments.so a rich manso rich a mansuch a rich manB&C are correct15. The ceiling is _____too high for me to reachso high for me to reach itso high for me reachingenough high for me reachingĐáp án bài 1:1.Jennie is so complicated that I can"t understand.2. The wall is too high for me khổng lồ reach.3. She is not old enough khổng lồ understand the problem.4. The movie was so interesting that I couldn"t turn it off.It was such an interesting movie that I couldn"t turn it off.5. This exercise is not easy enough for me khổng lồ finish.6. The rain was so heavy that I had lớn cancel the meeting.7. The book was so interesting that I have read it three times.8. Tony is such a good player that he can play in every team.9. He drives so carelessly that nobody wants to go with him.10. It was such loud music that we couldn"t talk.11. It was such hot food that we couldn"t eat it.12. It is such a bad handwriting that I can"t understand it.13. I can"t make a cake because I haven"t enough eggs.14. She didn"t run fast enough khổng lồ run the race.15. The films were so boring that I fell asleep in the middle.16. The house is too small for us to lớn live in.17. He speaks so fast that I can"t understand him.18. My boss khủng was kind enough to pay for the meal.19. It was such beautiful weather that we stayed out all day.20. My mother is such a wise woman that people often ask her for advice.21. Helen is tall enough to lớn wear that long dress.22. Arthur is so busy that he can"t finish his work.23. My uncle is too late lớn catch the last train. 24. It was such a beautiful sea that we took a lot of photos.25. The bản đồ is too old for me to read.Bài 2:BADBDBBDCADBCDA