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That’s right. Your điện thoại is secretly an awesome English learning tool—and there are several more sitting right under your nose.

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Accessories và gadgets that you already own can be used every day to lớn pick up new English vocabulary & grammar or practice speaking & listening.You just need to know how to use them for language learning.

Below, we’ll explore how lớn make everyday devices part of your English study strategy.

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1. Your Favorite Websites

Websites you enjoy visiting can be great tools for your English practice. I don’tmean the websites specifically made to help you learnEnglish, lượt thích WordReference forums orBBC Leaning English. No, I am talking about the websites you already visit daily or almost daily for entertainment, to lớn read news or lớn catch up with friends!

You may be reading the websites below in your native language. Why not switch to English & turn your time online into English practice too?

If you subscribe khổng lồ a few English-language blogs that interest you, you’ll always have something new và engaging to lớn read, with lots ofEnglish vocabulary và slang. It’llalso improve your reading skills in general.

Twitter offers a wide variety of nội dung that updates every second of the day, so you’reguaranteed never khổng lồ get bored while learning trendy vocabulary & appreciating the art of being concise in writing.

You can use it as a graphic dictionary by searching for an unfamiliar word & seeing what comes up as a result. Be aware!Pinterest is very addictive!

2. Your mobile Phone

Smartphones have become so commonplace that we don’tleave our houses without them. It’s a way for us khổng lồ stay connected, lớn pass the time, to nói qua on social media and even vị work. There are many great apps for English learning available on smartphones, but you can also use your phone in adifferent way!

Put your phone in English. Go into your device’s settings và change thelanguage to lớn English, so that your phone’s menu và phone commands will be displayed in English. If you think it’s silly, remember that the smallest details make a difference. You’llget used lớn seeing more English every time you look at your phone.Use your phone assistant in English.
If you own a newer version of an android device or an iPhone, you likely have an automatic phone assistant built in. The iPhone’s Siri featureis the best-known, but game android has its own version. Since your phone settings are now switched khổng lồ English, Siri will listen to you if you talk in English.

So start talking!Try saying simple things such as, “McDonald’s opening hours,” or, “what’s the weather today?” You’ll get lớn practice your pronunciation & use your phone’s capabilities lớn the max!

3. Your MusicPlayer

Listening to lớn music can be great language practice, so get groovy with some English tunes! không tính phí Music Archive & Jamendoareexcellent sources for không tính phí and legal music downloads. You can also geta lot of good songs for miễn phí on Amazon. Of course, iTunes và Google Music offer the widest music selection, if you’rewilling khổng lồ pay a few dollars for your favorite artists.

However, your music player can bởi so much more than just play music! In particular, it can store and play podcasts.

There are many podcasts targeted specifically at learning English (for example, Elementary Podcasts by the British Council và 6 Minute English by the BBC). You can also pick your favorite topic và simply practice English listening skills while keeping informed, entertained or both! TED Blog also has some excellent podcast suggestions.

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Podcasts can also be downloaded lớn your điện thoại thông minh or computer!

4. Your E-reader

If you’rea passionate reader, you may own an e-book reader lượt thích Koboor Kindle. These portable devices make it easy lớn carry tens or even hundreds of books with you.

Guess what? Reading English books is a classic study tactic, và an e-reader is the perfect tool for it!

If you’rea beginner learner, seek out books that are adapted for your level, with simple vocabulary & some words và expressions explained.If you’re an intermediate learner, popular fiction & detective stories can be a cool challenge for you!If you’rean advanced learner, take a look at American and British classics, which often have more complex grammatical structures và very rich vocabulary.

To start your e-reading journey, try mở cửa Culture’s danh mục of 800 e-books available for miễn phí (legally). Kobo offers a không lấy phí e-booksselection as well, & it changes every week.

Don’t own an e-reader? Your điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh can handle e-books as well. Both the Apple tiện ích storeand Google Books have thousands of books available for free download!

5. Your Notebook (Plus Flashcards!)

The old-fashioned yet trusted methodof practicing English is using pen và paper. A portablelittle notebook is aflexible English learning tool that’s available khổng lồ you anywhere, regardless of whether there’s a Wi-Fi signal or not.

Here’s how you can use it:

Get a notebook.You’ll turn it into your own little English-language diary (journal). Make a habit of writing a short entry in English about your day (daily or every other day). It’s a great way lớn practice your English writing skills. You’ll quickly see some weaknesses in your grammar and vocabulary, and you’llfind areas for improvement right away!Make someflashcards. You’ll use them to study grammar concepts, difficult vocabulary or anything else you want to focus on. Any mix of small blank paper cards will be fine for the task.Once the cards are ready, carry them in your diary.Get learning! Now you have your own study set for English concepts that matter the most. & it’s ready for you any time and any place, as long as you carry it with you.

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Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to lớn take a closer look at how you use your favorite devices and accessories. All of them can be excellent English study tools, when you want them to. They’llalso be there lớn entertain or distract you when you need a little break.

Happy studying!

Download: This blog post is available as a convenient và portable PDF that youcan take anywhere. Click here khổng lồ get a copy. (Download)