We decided to stay at home, ______ the bad weather

Why don’t you try to lớn understand. You are so stubborn!He gets on my nerves. You drive so slowly.

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We often use so + adjective or adverb + (that…)

He is so good (that) he gets bored when he plays against me. John drives so slowly (that) other drivers get impatient around him. 

such a + (adjective) + noun + (that…)

We use such a + (adjective) + countable singular noun

I love her. She is such a brilliant actress.It was such a party! We had a lot of fun. 

We often use such a + (adjective) + countable singular noun + (that…)

It had been such a terrible day (that) I just wanted to lớn go lớn bed. He is such a liar (that) nobody trusts him any more. 

such + (adjective) + noun + (that…)

We use such + (adjective) + uncountable noun or plural noun

The trip was a disaster. We had such terrible weather!Everybody loves being with Tom. He tells such funny stories!

We often use such + (adjective) + uncountable noun or plural noun + (that…)

We had such terrible weather (that) we decided to lớn go back home. She said such nice things (that) we were all moved. 

so/such – meaning

We can use so and such lớn make the meaning of an adjective, adverb or noun stronger (=’very/really’):

Why did you bởi vì it? You are so stupid!He was such a terrible father that now his kids don’t want khổng lồ be around him. 

We can also use so and such to mean ‘like this’:

Sorry I didn’t call. I didn’t know it was so important for you. (=important like this).

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I don’t understand how you could make such a terrible mistake.

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(= a mistake like this)

so much/so many + noun

so much + uncountable noun + (that…)

We use so much + uncountable noun

Did you see her house? I didn’t know she had so much moneyI wish you wouldn’t spend so much time on the phone.

We often use so much + uncountable noun + (that…)

She always cooks so much food that we have khổng lồ throw half of it away. There is so much furniture that it’s difficult to lớn walk around the house. 

so many + plural noun + (that…)

We use so many + plural noun

He couldn’t even walk among so many fans. You don’t need to lớn repeat everything so many times

We often use so many + plural noun + (that…)

There were so many people at the concert (that) we didn’t really enjoy it. She had so many problems (that) she just didn’t know what khổng lồ do.