My Favorite Season Spring Paragraph


2 min read Winter is a pretty miserable season in my opinion. I usually cannot wait for the cold to end và for spring lớn come. Spring is a beautiful season.

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Winter is a pretty miserable season in my opinion. I usually cannot wait for the cold lớn end and for spring to lớn come. Spring is a beautiful season. The flowers bloom và the weather finally turns warmer, but it’s not too hot. Most of the winter I feel as if the sun does not shine at all, so when springs finally comes và the sun is out, it feels so nice. The best thing about spring to me is all of the colors. After a cold brown winter, when spring blooms, it makes everything happier.

One of my favorite things about spring is when the flowers bloom. My whole life I have felt like spring was the only time that flowers bloomed in a million colors. The burst of màu sắc is especially nice after winter which seems to always have no color. It is such a nice time of year to go out và garden and plant many different things to lớn bloom.

In the spring all of the birds come out as well & it is nice khổng lồ wake up to the birds chirping. When I was younger I would build treehouses & hang them in the spring for all the birds to lớn come eat and sit on it. Birds are not the only animals that come out though. So many others come out và run around and it is nice lớn see more wildlife in the spring. Butterfly’s & bees begin flying around as well especially if you have a butterfly tree in your yard.

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Being from D.C. A major thing there are the cherry blossom trees. You can go downtown and see them for a short period of time & it is a huge tourist attraction. They have an entire festival around them blooming. Talking about a beautiful color, in spring they are pink, red, and white and incredibly delicate.

One of the favorite things to bởi in the spring is hike. I cannot stand the cold so when spring hits I love getting outdoors & walking along the beautiful paths that now have flowers & wildlife all around it. There are so many great places to hike here in the New River Valley as well as where I am from. The weather also makes it easier to do & enjoy outdoor activities.

Another great thing about spring that I think everyone notices and enjoys, is that the days get longer. When the sun sets later, there seems to lớn be more time in the day & to have fun outside. It’s great for cookouts and bonfires, & also seems khổng lồ start like summer nights.

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The best thing for me about spring is that it is an optimistic season. It makes me happy và I always start to think the best of things when spring comes. I am more energized và active when spring comes. Being more active and energized makes me less stressed and able khổng lồ focus more on things that really matter và be able to bởi more of the things I enjoy.