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‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ is a shjo/shoujo anime series based on the critically acclaimed Sailor Moon by Japanese manga artist Naoko Takeuchi. The series centers on Usagi Tsukino, a sensitive & socially awkward teenager who gains unimaginable powers following a confrontation with a talking cat. 

The program, written by Yuji Kobayashi, aired on July 5, 2014. As was the case with the original anime series, which aired 200 episodes in the 1990s, the shoujo anime’s third season received high accolades for its characterization and animation. 

However, its first two seasons drew much criticism for its brisk pace và weak plot.

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All of it was swiftly forgotten after the success of season 3, which galvanized Sailor Moon fans in anticipation of the future season. When will ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ reintroduce brand-new fascinating episodes? If you’re considering the same thing, we’ve got you covered!

Sailor Moon Season 4 Release Date

Season 3 of ‘Sailor Moon Crystal‘ debuted on April 4, 2016, on Hulu, Crunchyroll, và Neon Alley, và finished on June 27, 2016, after a 13-episode run. The shoujo anime was released in japan on the dates previously listed on Tokyo MX.

Here’s all we know about season 4 of the series. After the first three seasons were released in less than two years, fans learned about the possibility of a sequel on Sailor Moon’s 25th-anniversary trang web in 2017. 

However, it was then revealed that a two-part anime film project was being developed, based on Naoko Takeuchi’s manga’s Dream arc.

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However, viewers had to wait many years after the announcements until the first installment of the two-part film was finally released theatrically in japan on January 8, 2021 (after multiple COVID-19 delays). 

Only a month later, on February 11, 2021, the East Asian nation saw the release of the second installment of ‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie.’ The anime film had its worldwide premiere on Netflix on June 3, 2021.

Unfortunately, other than the two films, there has been no information on season 4 from any production firms associated with ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ thus far. However, the manga’s last narrative arc, Sailor Stars, is still awaiting translation, implying that the series will return. 

However, given the lack of an official statement, the wait for fans may be lengthy. If the following season is announced in the next months, we may anticipate the release of ‘Sailor Moon Crystal season 4 in 2023.

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Sailor Moon Season 4 Plot

Given that ‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie’ covers the Dream arc (the manga’s last plot arc), we may anticipate season 4 khổng lồ follow the film’s events. 

The future episodes will focus on the Sailor Stars arc. Sailor Starlights will face off against Sailor Galaxia & her evil forces to locate Kinmoku’s lost princesses.

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On the other hand, Sailor Galaxia is barely affected by Sailor Guardians (Sailor Starlights). She is obsessed with the desire khổng lồ get the most powerful Sailor Crystal, which would provide her with extraordinary abilities and make her unstoppable. 

However, her intentions vì chưng not stop there. Galaxia has something considerably more evil in mind for the planet after she has conquered the whole cosmos!


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