In this lesson, I am going to show you lots of cool phrases so you can talk naturally about what you vị in your không lấy phí time.

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I will also show you how lớn use advanced adverbs và different tenses so you can talk about your hobbies confidently and get a high score on your IELTS Speaking test.

There are many types of free-time activities. Sometimes we call these leisure activities, or hobbies và pastimes. 

Here are some of the most common types of activities with some examples.

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Indoor Activities

Playing gamesReading Chilling out / hanging out with friends

Outdoor Activities 


It’s true, some of these may take place both indoors và outdoors, depending on the context. For example, shopping in a street market is outdoors, but shopping in a mall is indoors.

Collecting things

Stamps Coins 

Creative activities 

Playing a musical instrument KnittingPainting 

The Benefits of Having Hobbies

There are many benefits to having a hobby.

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These commonly include that it lets you relax, stay healthy or socialise. 

Here are some useful verbs meaning to relax

To unwind To chill outTo disconnectTo kickbackTo let your hair down 

Here are some useful verbs meaning to stay healthy

To get into shapeTo stay in shapeTo keep healthy To get fit 

Here are some useful verbs meaning to socialise

To hang out with friendsTo chill out with friendsTo be with familyTo meet up with friends 

Here are some templates you can use khổng lồ describe these benefits 

It helps me _______It just helps me _______I find that it helps me _____It allows me lớn (just) _____

It helps me unwind

It just helps me kick back

I find that it helps me stay in shape

It allows me khổng lồ meet up with friends

It’s a nice way khổng lồ _______It’s a great way to lớn ________

It’s a nice way to socialise 

It’s a great way to get close to nature

Finally, here are some more great expressions to lớn talk about the relaxing benefits of having a hobby

It has a calming effect 

It’s really therapeutic 

It’s a great stress buster 

So, now you can talk confidently about your hobby, how often you vì it, as well as describing the benefits.