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Local musician Adi Sun will perform for the Music Club on March 30.

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Adi Sun will perform for the maybomnuocchuachay.vn Music Club on March 30. Marissa Fiorucci

Welcome to lớn the maybomnuocchuachay.vn Music Club!

Our first performer is the self-described “shape-shifting singer-songwriter” Adi Sun.

It’s been a tough two years for maybomnuocchuachay.vn’s music community, but things are starting khổng lồ look up. Live music venues, both large and small, have opened again. Local và national acts are booking more shows than they’re canceling, and music fans are cautiously venturing out to lớn experience live music. It’s a time of both transition and celebration, so in the spirit of re-introducing you khổng lồ maybomnuocchuachay.vn’s vibrant music scene, we introduce you lớn the maybomnuocchuachay.vn Music Club.

What khổng lồ know about the maybomnuocchuachay.vn Music Club

Every month, we’ll come together to lớn enjoy a live performance and a chat with a local artist. The initial plan is to gather virtually, then eventually congregate in-person. Lượt thích you, we love everything about the maybomnuocchuachay.vn music scene, from the live spaces lớn the people who play in them khổng lồ the music that they make. So we’re looking forward khổng lồ getting back into those spaces with you and enjoying music together.

If you’re a long-time maybomnuocchuachay.vn reader, some of this might ring a familiar bell. From 2012 through 2018, maybomnuocchuachay.vn was the trang chủ of RadioBDC, maybomnuocchuachay.vn’s original streaming alternative radio station. RadioBDC’s Live in the Lab series & RadioBDC Sessions spotlighted dozens of local và national artists, and the maybomnuocchuachay.vn Music Club will shine that light even brighter. In addition, the Music Club will give us all a space to lớn come together, share, and discuss the music we’re discovering.

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I’m in a chất lượng position lớn lead these discussions, as I’ve spent the majority of my 25 years in broadcast truyền thông media working in maybomnuocchuachay.vn radio and bearing witness to lớn the evolution of maybomnuocchuachay.vn’s music scene. I cut my teeth as an undergrad at Northeastern’s WRBB, worked on-air at legendary maybomnuocchuachay.vn alternative rock radio stations WFNX và WBCN, và helped launch RadioBDC, which I then helped shepherd into its current form, indie617. The common thread through all of this? My passion for music. The only thing I love more than discovering music, new & old, is sharing it…with gusto. I’m currently doing that weekdays from 11 a.m. To 4 p.m. On maybomnuocchuachay.vn’s ROCK 92.9, và I look forward to doing even more through the maybomnuocchuachay.vn Music Club.

Who’s the first guest?

Adi Sun is a trans singer-songwriter from maybomnuocchuachay.vn. After making her name out in front of maybomnuocchuachay.vn shoegaze act Phenomenal Sun in the 2010s, Adi has made a post-transition pivot as a solo artist. In a short time, she’s released three singles, racked up two maybomnuocchuachay.vn Music Awards nominations, and was recently named Keynote Speaker at the Trans Community of New England’s First event 2022. We think Adi is a prime example of what’s new & exciting about maybomnuocchuachay.vn’s music scene in 2022. Và we think you will, too.

So join us virtually on Wednesday, March 30 at 8 p.m.

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for a live performance và conversation with Adi Sun as we kick off the maybomnuocchuachay.vn Music Club!

UPDATE: maybomnuocchuachay.vn Music Club‘s sự kiện on Wednesday, March 30 at 8 p.m. with Adi Sun has been postponed. Register for updateson our next event.

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